• Atmospheric Water Generators

    Thank you for purchasing the EcoloBlue Atmospheric Water Generator. This Atmospheric Water Generator is a state-of-the-art water generating Appliance using the latest technology available to the industry. EcoloBlue designed your Atmospheric Water Generator with one objective in mind: produce the maximum amount of high quality drinking water using only a minimum amount of electricity. In addition to atmospheric water production, the Appliance can also be used as a conventional water purifier by connecting it to an external municipal (city) water source.

  • EcoloBlue Filters

    To ensure the cleanest drinking atmospheric generated water , EcoloBlue has built the units with 12 stages of filtration. The revolutionary Quick Change Filter system on the EB30 Series machines ensure the quickest way to replace old filters.

    Each filter has its own function, and its own lifespan.

  • EcoloBlue Solar Power

    Build with different types of power sources, the EB30 series can be taken out of the grid at any time. It can be connected to a solar power system and also to a wind powered system. To make this possible you just need a power inverter and some solar panels.

  • Industrial And Commercial

    Built with the volume of water in mind, the industrial Atmospheric Water Generators are ideal for large applications. From the EB100, capable of generating up to 100 liters per day, to the EB10000, capable of up to 10,000 liters in a 24H cycle, the EcoloBlue industrial units will satisfy all needs required for greenhouses, small farms and wide fields of crops.

    These machines are sold only by phone or email, since they are so customizable.

  • Accessories
  • Multi Filter System

    For a healthy and pure life we recommend you one of the 2 top systems for water filtration. It is easy to install and maintain and does not require any power supply. We also invite you to view our EB30 atmospheric water generators.

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