These are testimonials from people who have reached out to us with comments about EcoloBlue.

October 25, 2016

I normally do not post straight advertisements, but when I do, you can rest assured that I believe in the product fully. @ecoloblue is one of the most amazing companies I have to pleasure of working with and have even sent me their machine to have in my kitchens. This water dispensing machine works by pulling out moisture from the air, filters it, ionizes the water and then cools it for you to drink. Personally, it works for me in the kitchen because I like to use alkaline water for my @Julabo Sous Vide as well as any big pot blanching, stocks, and sauces. The alkaline water is incredible for the kitchen as well as the human body since our pH is naturally alkaline. To put it simply, this is one of my favorite items that I have in my arsenal. They even gave $350,000 worth of machines to Flint, Michigan to help with the water crisis over there. Not only is this a great product, but they are a conscious company looking to make positive changes in the world through action. I highly recommend purchasing one of these by going to their website, you will not be disappointed.

Chris Sayegh ? The Herbal Chef   

October 16, 2016

For the record I am so happy I bought this machine. It is producing more water than my wife and I (and our two dogs) can drink. The quality of the water is better than anything I have ever drank  out of a bottle.

John, TX

October 6, 2016

We purchased our Ecoloblue Atmospheric Generator 30 back in about 2008 or so and at that time we lived in Spring, Texas.

We received superior customer service from the day we placed the order to the day it was delivered to our home and they actually brought the machine in our home.

Still to this day our machine is running top notch and we have absolutely loved it!!!

You can for sure taste the difference in the water, the ecoloblue water is awesome, the aspect of it that really made us decide to purchase it is that it does not connect to the tap water in anyway ? our machine now sits on the tile floor in our dining room, which is near the kitchen because I use it all the time.  I use that water for everything, making ice tea our coffee, cooking with etc.

Our grandchildren really love it and the feature that is great with them is the lock on the hot water side!!

We also save our glass juice jars when we are finished and after cleaning them we use them to fill up with our filtered water.

When we purchased our machine it came with a 2 year supply of filters, which was a plus as well.

The hot water side is really great during the winter season for hot chocolate, soups, teas etc. no boiling water on the stove just go to the water machine and push a button and you have instant hot water, it gets up to over 200 degrees!

We HIGHLY recommend your Ecoloblue Atmospheric Water Generator, they are fantastic ? clean, filtered water, NO CHEMICALS, NO FLOURIDE ? it is safe and so very easy to operate.

The cleaning and changing the filters is very easy and it is well worth it!!

We cannot say enough good about your machines ? thank you Ecoloblue team for all you have done, this product is much needed with all the dangerous chemicals found in the water supply?s today.

And God bless you for what you are doing in other countries with water problems!

Terry and Michelle Guy-New Caney, Texas

September 11, 2016

Hello, I just wanted to share that I received the EcoloBlue unit and have been enjoying it for the past few weeks. It?s an amazing piece of technology that amazes people when I explain what it is and does. The water quality is excellent and I thoroughly look forward to never bringing out bottled water again!

Sam Powell ? Alaska

June 2, 2016

I purchased my Ecoloblue 28 in 2010. It has been working great and providing quality water for me and my family ever since. Having as much control of my food and water supply is very important to me. I learned quickly how to properly maintain the machine, and when needing some assistance for an unknown situation, the Ecoloblue team provides clear and timely guidance. There have been a couple times when they responded to my inquiries during the weekend and got me back up and running again that day. I see the design improvements in the newer models and that they are even easier to maintain. I look forward to more years with my Ecoloblue 28 and expect to upgrade to a newer machine in the future. Thanks Ecoloblue for a great product.

Sincerely, Rusty von D

February 29, 2016

In addition to eating natural foods and using non-toxic cleaning products, pure drinking water has been one of the most important elements in our healthy lifestyle for the last 30 years or so.

When I discovered the emerging technology of AWG?s back in 2007, I started my search for a unit to use as our main drinking water supply.

What I most like about this technology is that humidity in the air is way cleaner than any ?treated? tap water could ever be. I make that claim knowing full well how all city and county water supplies are treated, sometimes heavily in rural areas, with chlorine and other harsh chemicals.

Back in 2007, Ecoloblue was one of the first companies offering the home/office unit. When I called the company to inquire about the technology, I was fortunate to talk to the founder, Wayne Ferreira. I was impressed by his commitment toward helping create viable solutions to our local and global water crisis. Since that time, I have followed and watched this technology continue to develop. Congrats to the EcoloBlue team for their persistence and commitment in helping struggling, drought-stricken communities.

We are still using the same machine after 8 years. Quite amazing! I?ve always cleaned the tanks and changed the filters on a timely basis. And when I have had minor issues, the tech service at EcoloBlue has been stellar in their support in guiding me toward solutions. I am looking forward to purchasing one of their newer generation machines once they?re available.

Over the years, I?ve so enjoyed telling folks how our drinking water, like magic, comes directly from the humidity in the air. Kids especially love to hear how the process works. It?s always a conversation piece when someone new visits our home.

Thanks EcoloBlue for all that you do in your mission to provide pure drinking water to those in need as well as to those of us who are committed to being healthy.

Michael DiBenedetto, Orinda, CA

February 13, 3016

First, as a preface, I must share that I am a long-time user of atmospheric water generators, although not previously Ecoloblue products.  Living in a very rural, coastal area of Florida, our well water was not of potable quality, and an atmospheric water generator was our sole source of drinking water for over 20 years.  The generator we had was very unsophisticated and ceased to be manufactured over 10 years go.  I bought all the spare parts the manufacturer had in stock and somehow kept it running for a decade until we sold the rural property and house recently; since it was the sole source of drinking water, the old generator unit stayed with the property.  Not only was drinking atmospherically condensed water necessary at our former country home, but soon after beginning to drink it, a 30-year history of frequent kidney stones ceased.

Moving to a small city, we now have potable tap water of good quality.  (As a geologist-engineer, I helped the city develop its water well field, so of course it?s good J)  However, the water is calcium-rich from limestone aquifers and then undergoes all the normal treatment, chlorination, etc. of municipal water.  I did not want to go back to the ?good old days? of frequent kidney stones and began searching for a new atmospheric water generator unit.

The Ecoloblue Standard 30 unit appeared to be the best of the available brands and products for our needs.  The Ecoloblue staff was very helpful and informative as I asked numerous questions regarding its operation and functions.  And now that I have purchased and used the Standard 30 unit, I am very impressed with it for the following reasons:

  • The unit is very efficient in condensing atmospheric moisture, particularly in our generally humid Florida weather.  The tanks will fill to capacity in a matter of a few hours.
  • The display and operation of the control panel is very clear and user-friendly; it has obviously been well thought out and designed.
  • Although I?ve not had to change filters yet, the access to them and the initial installation of the R/O filter was very convenient and easy.
  • The hot and cold water functions are convenient, and I particularly appreciate the ability to both set the temperatures and to turn the functions off to save electricity when I know they will not be needed temporarily.
  • The overall size, appearance, and design of the unit is very convenient and pleasing.

We have considered the option of hooking the unit up to our municipal water source to improve the municipal water quality and augment the atmospherically condensed water.  However, so far and even in the winter months, the unit is generating atmospherically condensed water at a rate greater than our needs; therefore, we probably will not connect the unit to municipal water.

We are very satisfied with the product and pleased that we chose to purchase the Ecoloblue unit.

Jim ? New Smyrna Beach, FL

May 15, 2015

I want to tell you that the news article on CBS and the Drudge report has to say it all to me.

I was very touched to see that a company that puts it?s money where its mouth is is very touching. In this drought situation in California where many are suffering and stressed to the maximum, it is nice to see a company that does not put the bottom line first. I have some points that I would like to share with any potential customers that you might have that I think as an outside person that is not affiliated with your company that I saw in the article that tells about your companies integrity.

First, as anyone knows, a company is only as good as the people that represent it. Your generosity to the pastor in Tulare County, CA should be a testament to that commitment. See article dated May 15th, in the Sacramento division of CBS 13 news entitled; Tulare County Drought Situation Dire as Neighbors Steal Water from Neighbors. See attached link: http://sacramento.cbslocal.com/2015/05/14/tulare-county-drought-situation-dire-as-neighbors-steal-water-from-neighbors/

Secondly, I want to thank you for the time that your company took to not only provide free equipment at company expense, but the training and the equipment itself too. I know that it took many man-hours to make this possible.

Third, If this story gets out in the public the way it was presented, it will help you to generate business to many others that will help all of the people that are willing to do their own research into the products you supply.

Fourth, What many do not realize directly is the fact that the government cannot control the amount of humidity that is contained in the air that your process can generate.

In my opinion, and in actual fact is this. Anything that can be regulated and taxed by government will be. Your system is only limited by three things. The ability to generate water through humidity, electricity, and cost. Federal, State, and local government and the water districts/suppliers hate those facts.

But with all the negatives laid on the table first, one can only see that your systems are a much needed and a safe commodity that can help many people that cannot afford to dig wells,(with no guarantees of finding water) or, pay to truck in water themselves, or steal it from others. Your products can actually be an effective alternative to government intervention, water restrictions, and unfair costs for the consumer through bureaucracy and politicians or environmentalist groups.

I see this an an opportunity for those of us that see that the benefits of your systems out-way the the up front cost. Which is actually going to only get cheaper as more people buy and utilize your products. It sure is a better alternative than letting others decide my fate as far as water goes.

Robert Stott

March 24, 2015

I wanted to take just a moment to Thank you for your kind and courteous service, and to extoll the benefits and wonders of your wonderful atmospheric water generators.

I have used an Ecoloblue machine since at least 2008 to generate all of the water that my family consumes. The machine is simple to use and the quality of the water is beyond compare. It just makes sense that when you can change a gas into a liquid in a controlled environment?that the resulting liquid will be as pure as is scientifically possible. Then the water is exposed to UV lighting and a complex filtration process ?.There is no better tasting or healthier alternative.period.

I love the product so much and I feel so strongly about the benefits of the technology that I have decided to become a dealer..Science Rocks !

No Fluoride
No Chlorine
No contaminants
And the water is Delicious !

Dee Deepack! 707-508-8986

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