The new EB30

This is the EB30

It is our top of the line ATMOSPHERIC WATER GENERATOR designed for both home and office. It's called EB30 because it is designed by EcoloBlue, and the fact that it can generate up to 30 liters of water from air in a 24 hour cycle. What makes the EB30 series so unique is the technology inside. The technology is far more superior than the previous models (the most loved and appreciated EB26 and EB28). does it work?

And why is the EcoloBlue Water so clean and tasty ?

The Atmospheric Water Generator is a humidity and temperature-driven Appliance. This means the Appliance?s ability to generate water depends entirely on the level of humidity and atmospheric temperature.

EcoloBlue is the only company that offers 12 steps of powerful, organic filtration.

The Air Around You

The air has a lot of water in it but also a lot of dust and other micro-particles. The powerful fan takes in a large amount of air and to minimize the intake of all the impurities, the EB30 series starts the filtration process with the Electrostatic air filter...

1. Electrostatic Air Filter

The electrostatic air filter effectively prevents micro-particles and dust from entering the appliance. Being cleaned of all those impurities, the air then flows over a set of Condenser coils...

Condenser Coils

They are covered with a food grade coating, to minimize interaction between water and the metals used for the cooling coils. Using these coils, allows the water to condense from a vapor into a liquid.


The water squeezed from air, is full of minor impurities and micro-organisms. All generated water is stored in the Bottom Tank...

2. Bottom Tank Filter

The carbon bag in the bottom tank, starts to remove ammonia, chlorine residues, organic compounds and other VOCs.

3. Lower tank UV Lamp

The filtered water is collected into a 2 liter tank. The water gets treated with UV light, which kills bacteria, viruses, protozoa, mold spores, and inhibits bacteria growth in the reservoir.

4. Funnel Filter

After getting treated with UV light, the water is pumped through the funnel filter (removes micro-particles before water enters the water pump) into a series of 2 carbon charcoal filters, a reverse osmosis membrane, a mineral filter, and a final carbon charcoal filter.

Let's take a closer look at the individual filters

5. EF1 Sediment Filter

Removes rust, sand, dust, impurity have 5~10? size.
Removes Odor and Taste.
Removes organic compounds, chlorine, heavy metals.

6. EF2 Pre-Carbon filter

Reduces Chlorine, trihalomethane (THM) and organic compounds
Removes bad smell, taste, and color.
Removes heavy metals.

7. Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Removes bacteria, viruses, organic compounds, heavy metal and ion substances by 0.0001? pore size on the membrane.

8. EF4 Mineral Filter

Anti-bacterial, absorption and filtration properties.
Mineral Elution: Sodium, Magnesium, Potassium and Calcium.

9. EF3 Post-Carbon

Reduces Chlorine, trihalomethane (THM) and organic compounds.
Removes bad smell and taste and color.
Removes heavy metals.

10. Top Tank and UV Lamp

After going through this set of filters, the water goes to a holding tank that is periodically exposed to UV light to minimize or eliminate bacteria growth in the unit.

11. Water Output UV Lamp

When dispensing water from the top tank, the water is again treated by another UV light.

12. Molecular Sieve Faucet Filter

The faucet filter is equipped with two molecular sieves (screens) to trap any fine particles that may be suspended in the water, before you dispense into your glass.

What if you don't want cold water ?

Hot Tank

There is a separate tank that holds the hot water. The temperature of the water is programmable between 75°~95° C (167°~203° F).

EcoloBlue Atmospheric Water Generators extract pure, perfect, delicious drinking water straight from the air. Unlike other Atmospheric Water Generators, ours are state-of-the-art in every way. All our components are the most advanced, and highest quality available anywhere in the World.

Yes, it is really the humidity

There are 37,500 trillion gallons of "fresh" water in the air at any given time and through a hydrological cycle recycles this amount every 9 - 16 days. 8 miles straight-up of untapped atmosphere just waiting to contribute to life on Earth. Until now, it was a mere fantasy to harness that unlimited, and renewable natural resource. EcoloBlue AWGs bring the previously unfathomable idea of limitless, sustainable, and portable hydration to the masses.

Plastic, Plastic, Everywhere

Every day humans waste an embarrassing amount of plastic, in the form of bottles, cups and other containers. This doesn't need to be the case. One of the main benefits of producing your own water from the air around you, is you no longer rely on the hundreds of millions of plastic water bottles and cups we use every day.

Un-tether yourself from water lines

As scary as it sounds, our municipal water supplies are not as safe as we think. In every city, around the World, varying levels of harmful chemicals are found in our "tap" water, including everything from arsenic, to prescription drugs and even human hormones. EcoloBlue AWGs let you bypass that completely, cleaning your air in the process.

However, EcoloBlue AWGs can easily be "plugged in" to existing water sources, too. And our unique 12-stage filter process will make sure that every last chemical, down to the microscopic level, is filtered out. Leaving you with only pure, and delicious water. On demand.

No grid required

EcoloBlue's AWGs are designed to work seamlessly with any power source. Including solar, wind, and gas-powered generators. So you can have limitless, pure drinking water anywhere. Any time.

The detected microelements in water when using the Mineral Filter

























This technology made models like these possible.

EB30 Alkaline

Producing water with a pH of up to 10, the EB30 Alkaline will help neutralize the acidic state inside your body, enhance your immune system and boost your metabolism.


EB30 Maximum Efficiency

With a top of the line Panasonic Variable Compressor, the EB30 Maximum Efficiency can save you money in operating costs.


EB30 Soda

Carbonating water is a complex process. But with the EB30 Soda model, it is not that difficult to make. You only need to press one button. It is that simple.


EB30 Solar Deluxe

With the EB30 Solar Deluxe Kit, connecting the inverter to the solar panel, and the EB30ME to the inverter, you now have an off-grid solution.


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